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How to Verify This Site

You can confirm the university web server's identity by the SSL Web Server Certificate issued by a trusted Certificate Authority (CA). The university web server has installed a SSL Web Server Certificate so that it supports both normal web access (http) and secured web access (https). With SSL, information and data is protected with encryption before it is sent over the Internet.

This login page is being accessed using SSL. You can see the lock (next to the address bar of your browser for IE, at the bottom right of Firefox, just before the address bar of Chrome). Click at the lock and select "View certificates", it will show you the SSL certificate of this website.

You can verify that:

  • the certificate is issued by the trusted Certificate Authority (CA), "COMODO RSA Organization Validation Secure Server CA"
  • it is within the valid period specified
  • it is issued to, the web server serving this login page
  • the certificate status is OK